Outstanding Industry Standards is a must

Electrical maintenance and installation 

We will take under all installation jobs under our client specific needs to reach the maximum satisfaction towards clients.  These jobs can be from simple socket installations to complete house rewire, please check out our portfolio page to find out more. If you would like a quote please click here .

Security Systems

As an electrical contractor we have installed CCTV for domestic and also within the farming industry. We do this by using certain security systems based on the customers specific requirements, this can be from wireless CCTV to hard wired systems running 24/7. All the cameras and security systems we do use do come with warranty if you are at all worried about losing money. Please click here to find find out more and tell us your specific needs. 

Electrical Inspection 

We have a duty and service to carry out and maintain electrical installations due to them eventually deuterating. So therefore they should be inspected and tested at appropriate intervals to make sure they're safe for continued usage. These checks are commonly referred to as "period inspection and testing". Please click here to book a free quotation with no hidden costs.

Smart Technology

Covering everything from changing switches to smart technology that can be controlled from anywhere and everywhere from a your smart phone, as well as sorting out complete house smart homes controlling everything you can imagine, being able to shut the blinds without having to go around the whole house as one example.....

This saves energy and time and will be the future of all houses, saving cost for you with bringing our labour time and hours down. Brining the total of job price down...  Get a free quote Now