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About Us

Ask Electrix is a Family run business electrical contractor in rugby, starting back in 2009 doing anything from small scale light changes to complete house re-wires. We are located in rugby carrying out jobs within the district and across the 3 counties Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire. 

More Information

My first house I took all of the electrical outlets apart and checked every
connection after I bought it, making sure it is safe for children in the future.


As an electrical engineer, I know what I am doing. I also know why it’s
important to have solid electrical connections. As I have had to make
many reports over the years that I have had to carry for a number
insurance companies and have seen the tragic results of poor connections: fire.


With so many potential ways to create unintentional fires in electrical
systems, it’s easy to forget that electrical problems cause more residential
fires than any other source, according to the Electrical Safety Council.
Fires that start in electrical systems or lighting equipment kill about 70
people a year, seriously injure another 350000 and damage more than
21,000 homes and 2.5 million British adults say they have experienced
an electric shock at home.


Electrical hazards can go unnoticed or unseen, and even seemingly minor
problems can lead to a devastating fire. So if a light flickers or a switch
no longer works, have it checked.